Hello! It’s great to (virtually) meet you! We are appreciative of your interest in our blog.

My name is Felishia Hoffecker and I will be the primary blogger here on our site with an occasional appearance from my husband, Brett Hoffecker.

A few things about myself, first, I am a follower and a disciple of Jesus Christ and I hope that in every post and every picture He is reflected and not ourselves. I hope that Christ is the underlying tone of each word we type. I have been married to Brett for 2 years and in June 2016 (on Father’s day AND my 24th birthday) the Lord increased our family with the birth of our son, Timothy. We have a dog. We love to hike. I am not a photographer and I love good coffee.

My purpose for starting this blog was mainly to remind myself of how Our Father has been so good to me. Like journaling, this can be a place where I see the Lord’s faithfulness in my life as we go along in His will. I want to share thoughts, life events and ministry updates to let you know that I am just like you; another human being who makes mistakes but has a goal and has a purpose. I hope that you will find encouragement in your faith and belief of Jesus through snapshots of our life here on our blog.


Photos: left, Brett and I. Top right, me with our dog, Jack and center right is Brett with Jack. Bottom right, welcoming our son, Timothy.